Shore Excursion to Tarquinia, Necropolis and Tuscania

Our exciting port shore excursion will allow you to visit one of the greatest Etruscan museums in the world, with paintings, sarcophagi, frescoes (6th – 1st century B.C.) and the largest Etruscan necropolis.

About 6,000 well-preserved painted tombs, dug into volcanic tufa, are situated on a hilltop outside the main town.

Tarquinia was definitely the most important Etruscan city and it has a part in Rome’s history as the home of two of its seven kings, namely Tarquinius Priscus and Tarquinius Superbus.

You will be able to experience firsthand a big part of Italy’s ancient history.

The tour goes in this sequence:

Castle in Tarquinia

A Tarquinia Street

Just outside Tarquinia, near to the tombs

Paintings inside the tombs