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Private Rome City Tours

Rome City Tours in comfort

With hundreds of attractions and sights, your Rome City Tour will be planned and organized well. The best part is, you can do what you like. Perhaps you were thinking of visiting the Pantheon, then onto the Colosseum. Then after a lunch at the location of your picking (or as per our suggestions), its back into Rome City center again for St Peter’s Cathedral or a relaxing walk though our ancient parks.

Popular locations on our city tours:

  • Tiber River Tour – Stop and take a walk along the Tiber river and instruct your driver to return in an hour after taking a boat trip down the historical river where Emperors once sailed when returning from their battles.
  • Rome’s Historic squares & fountains are a great place to relaxe and soak up the beauty of Ancient Rome and Rome’s Renaissance period. Find wonderful quaint cafe’s and restaurants for you or your family to enjoy. Most of the popular locations in Rome are just a stones throw away from these squares.
  • Romantic Rome Tour by Night in a slick Mercedes. Woo your loved one by having our experienced tour driver take you to the most romantic parts of Rome at night. It really is like in the movies…
  • Renaissance Rome tours give you the beauty of the Renaissance period in all its might. See work from Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci as well as many other historical artists and sculptures.
  • Secret City will let you see underground Rome
  • Imperial Rome tour will show you where emperors and royalty walked, lived, ate and relaxed.
  • Roman Villas surrounding towns & countryside

The best thing about Limo Tours Rome is the flexibility. No more exhausting walks, getting lost or not knowing where to go. We always had someone to to guide us or take us there. – T.C.