The Colosseum

You can’t consider your trip to Rome successful if you haven’t seen the Colosseum. The most powerful symbol of the Roman Empire’s glorious past is not only an architectural wonder but a true masterpiece attracting millions of visitors. Did you know it is one of Italy’s most represented images all over the world?

Building the greatest amphitheater in the world meant a lot for the Empire, seeking to increase its status with a visual representation of its majesty. The grandeur of Rome is not only in history books: it’s there, in front of us more than 1900 years later.

Once coated with gold emblems, the Colosseum did not lose its beauty even after being looted by Barbarians, who turned it into a fortress later.

The Colosseum gets great attention from archaeologists all over the world. They work hard to preserve and maintain the original, 2000 years old structure of this magnificent building.

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