Some taxi drivers rip you off, why not taking a limo?


You may already think we are crazy to suggest not using local taxi and spend a lot of money on a LIMO.

Well, let’s see. Did you know that the term “Limo” is generally mistaken for the ultraluxurious long stretch limos? The ones used for weddings, Prom nights or special occasions… but according to you can define a limo:

  • Any of various large passenger vehicles, especially a luxurious automobile usually driven by a chauffeur and sometimes having a partition separating the passenger compartment from the driver’s seat.
  • A van or small bus used to carry passengers on a regular route, as between an airport and a downtown area.

The rip off

It’s a shame to see many cab drivers trying to rip off tourists visiting Rome. Of course not all of them are doing it, but it’s important to understand this phenomenon in order to avoid falling into the trap.

Getting ripped off by a taxi driver is not limited to non Italian speakers or tourists. It happened to a lot of people, including natives.

Many drivers from Fiumicino airport and Termini station are charging exorbitant fees, but the worst situation is probably that in Ciampino airport. What happens? They will screen out Italian speaking customers, looking for tourists. An Italian would know how much a taxi should charge, and that would not be good for their business! One of city ordinances set fixed rates for cabs from Fiumicino – Ciampino airport to the center: 30 euros to/from Ciampino and €40 to/from Fiumicino. Many dishonest drivers are asking for more, making up reasons like “extra baggage fees”. The fixed rates are for up to 4 people with luggage included.

It is amazing to see how many people have been ripped off even though they knew exactly what was happening. Foreigners’ insecurity or lack of language skills encourages this kind of drivers to go on with their unacceptable behaviour.

Don’t let anybody trick you into thinking that the cab fare should be higher!

To sum it up

From experience, Limo Services in Rome always pan out cheaper. Plus you get the luxury of a limo driving you around and a friendly driver who knows the beat.

Have you ever tried a limo?